About Us
Our history
Born in Montecchio Maggiore (VI) in 1978, the firm operates for the project and realization of electromagnetic clutchs, rotary joints for fluids, special pneumatic actuators, in the metal and mechanical field.

Afterwards the factory has moved in Sovizzo (VI), where still resides. Through the acquired experience in the years of activity, the continuous research of innovation, and the fidelity’ clients for its professional activity, GTI has been able to progressively evolve itself up to reach proper tecnological levels for the actual market.

The GTI production is specialized in:
  1. Chemical-petrochemical field, as construction of AISI 316 special valves, pressure regulators, etc.
  2. Industrial field, as construction of rotary joints for fluids, oily-dynamic power plants, tests platforms, special equipments, etc.
  3. Automation field, as designing and construction of pneumatic and oily-dynamic manipulators, weighting and measuring automatic systems, raising plants by vacuum-system, etc.

Business Philosophy
GTI’s philosophy is: respect of the client requirements, through a competitive and faithfully technical cooperation, to reach a sure and entrustable lasting result.

G.T.I. Srl - P.I. 02947100240